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  • Ryan commented on Wemyss Malts - 8 Year Old "Spice King":

    Mortlach is a polarizing single malt scotch. I've found people either love it or hate it! Have you tried any other Mortlach expressions? If so, how do you think it compares?

  • Ryan commented on Ezra Brooks 7 Year Old:

    Thanks for the comment Dan, please come back when you've opened it. Interested to hear how you think it compares. I'm saving a dram or 2 to compare with the new version...when it eventually surfaces here in Ontario!

  • Mahmoud Ali commented on Scapa Skiren:

    The Scapa 14, which was a very nice whisky and very reasonably priced, was replaced by the 16 year-old. Here in Alberta the 14 was unavailable for some time before the 16 made its appearance at almost double the price.

    I drank most of a bottle of the Skiren earlier this year and wasn't that impressed. Among the other whiskies you mentioned in your review the Aultmore 12 is the one that really impresses.

    Cheers .............. Mahmoud.