On a bitterly cold December night in Toronto, a group of likeminded gentlemen found themselves in possession of a fine bottle of Oban, received and shared as a gift.  The tasting experience was so agreeable, that it was henceforth a regular event recognized as scotch club.

ourmet meals and dessert pairings were added to the agenda and further evolved the nights into a pillar of each man's calendar.  The club is the haven for our work weary souls to sit back, sip on a dram, listen to and discuss ideas, explore music, and share in the revelry.

On the first year anniversary of the club, there was a consensus that something truly special had been discovered, and that there was now a responsibility to spread it throughout the world's wide interweb.  This is a site for whisky aficionados.  It is our repository of taste experiences, our thoughts on fine malts, and other scotch related news.  Herein we
pledge to share our opinions (irreverent though they may be) and our undying fellowship with all those who venture into this space.


The gentlemen of Scotch Blog

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