Glen Scotia Victoriana

GlenScotiaVictorianaThe Campbeltown distillery of Glen Scotia has recently revamped their bottling lineup, and the Victoriana is the new "premium" non aged stated offering. "Inspired by Victorian times", and bottled at 51.5% ABV, this whisky has been finished in heavily charred oak casks.

Nose: Lovely aromas of toasted nuts, raisins, sweet toffee. There is a tiny hint of smoke here, along with vanilla and fresh ocean air.

Palate: Dark, syrupy, and chocolaty. There is a very soft gentle peat smoke here, but it doesn't reveal itself until the 2nd or 3rd sip. Adding water at this point subdues the heat of the younger components of the whisky, and brings out orange rind and toffee flavours. If you look for it, you can find hints of charcoal & ever-so-slightly burnt toast.

Finish: The burnt spicyness continues through the finish, however moderated by a generous vanilla & lingering cocoa.

Overall: I received a miniature of this whisky as a gift, and to be honest, I really wish I had a full bottle of it. While not presenting itself as a "stand-out" dram, it is pleasant enough, but for $99 at the LCBO the price is a bit too high for a NAS bottling that has clearly has some younger components.

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