Wild Turkey Rare Breed

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As a fan of Wild Turkey since my days in university, it was a special treat to visit the distillery a couple of years ago and meet the brand's affable patriach Master Distiller, Jimmy Russell. After a personal tour of the new visitor centre, the grounds and the grand, old, 6 story "Warehouse A", we returned to the centre where I purchased this bottle of Wild Turkey Rare Breed labelled Batch No WT-03RB

Bottled at 54.1% (108.2 Proof), Rare Breed is a highly awarded blended bourbon expression from Wild Turkey. While its alcohol content and taste may vary slightly from year-to-year depending on the blend, it's probably safe to assume any given version contains spirit from between 6 - 12 years old.

Nose: Heady aromas of marzipan, vanilla, brown sugar and roasted peanut shells burst from the glass. With a little time, fruity notes of cherry, purple grapes, and orange oil reveal themselves along with a light herbal, almost minty scent. 

Palate: Full-bodied and remarkably smooth for a whisky of this strength. Caramel sweetness with candied fruits, vanilla and a hit of camphor just before the finish.
Finish: Medium-long and drying; with a fade out of burnt sugar, toasted oak and warming cinnamon spice that wraps up quite clean.

Overall: Wild Turkey Rare Breed is a benchmark sippin' bourbon: cask strength with plenty of flavour. Wonderfully smooth and balanced, it slowly evolves over the course of the glass to reveal more depth and has just enough dryness on the finish to keep you coming back for more. Packed full of dessert-like flavours, Rare Breed is a great after dinner dram and should appeal to bourbon connoisseurs and newcomers alike. Sure, there might be higher proof cask strength bourbons on the market but I defy you to find one this good for the price!

The LCBO currently stocks a slightly higher proof version (112.8proof/58.4%) of Rare Breed than reviewed here for $60.30, however an even higher proof expression was announced earlier this year. No word on when it will hit shelves here in Ontario but, based on the current stock levels (~500 at publication), a safe guess would be Christmas 2018 :/ 

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I liked this as well, though a little on the sweet side for me.

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