Bastille 1789 Blended Whisky

Bastille 1789 Blended Whisky is the creation of French Master Distiller Jean-Marc Daucourt whose family name is typically associated with Cognac rather than whisky. Building upon the family tradition of distillation, Daucourt studied Scotch whisky production in Scotland for a number of years before launching his own uniquely French whisky. 

Using a combination of wheat and malted barley grown in Brittany in the north west of France and limestone-filtered spring water from Gensac in Grande Champagne, the Master Distiller sought to make a whisky evocative of the French terroir. The spirit was distilled in an alembic still, traditionally used for Cognac, and then aged for 5-7 years in a combination of French Limousin oak, cherry and acacia casks before vatting and bottling at 40% ABV. 
Nose: Sawdust, husky grain and a whiff of tropical fruit

Palate: The texture and sweetness of thinned honey; orange marmalade on crusty bread peppered with resinous oaky ginger spice that borders on astringency. 

Finish: Dry and medium-long fade out of vanilla scented sawdust ending with an interesting minerality. 

Overall: It's an intriguing experiment in terroir, blending and maturation techniques yet, for me, the wood just seems to get in the way of the whisky. I tried pairing this one neat with food a few times without much success despite its relatively light and dry style. Given its spicy flavour profile its clear to me now why their website promotes it as the feature component in a handful of classic cocktails. Not bad for $55 in the LCBO but I probably won't be rushing out to grab another.

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