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Aberlour 16 Years Old Double Cask

aberlour-16-year-old-whisky.jpgAberlour's 16 Year Old Double Cask is part of the Speyside distillery's core product range and has remained relatively unchanged for several years with one notable exception; the alcohol content. Past bottlings available on LCBO shelves were listed at 43% ABV whereas the current Aberlour Double Cask range has been reduced to 40% ABV. 

It's been a while since I've had this one and I thought I'd try it out again to see what, if anything, might have changed in the flavour profile. Like the 12 and 18 year old, this expression was matured in a combination of first-fill Bourbon casks and Sherry butts.

Nose: Inviting aromas of malt, cherries, pink bubblegum, and toffee spiced with nutmeg. 

Palate: Light to medium-bodied, the palate bursts with cinnamon, estery cherries and orange zest that almost seem to tilt the dram into a dry "rye-like" fruitness yet it's restrained by a subtle sweetness in the form of buttery toffee and toasted coconut.

Finish: Dry and tannic with dark chocolate and dried fruit notes appearing late into the long, warming, finish. 


Recent Comments

  • Ryan commented on Aberlour 16 Years Old Double Cask:

    Hi James, I greatly prefer the A'Bunadh over the 16yr. But as you've probably noticed, I've got a real affinity for big, bold sherry bombs! :) In my opinion, the A'Bunadh is THE best variation of Aberlour on LCBO shelves. From a value perspective, the higher price is more than compensated by the higher ABV.

  • James Peach commented on Aberlour 16 Years Old Double Cask:

    Thank you for the review and interesting to hear it was once bottled at 43%ABV. I do wonder if there are any such bottling lurking on the shelves anywhere. Surely a bargain in this day and age however, at 40%ABV I feel it is a different proposition (perhaps I'm jaded, but at the minimum ABV I have found many bottlings wanting and I have found I am invariably disappointed) and perhaps the couple of extra $'s for A'Bunadh to be the more worthy purchase. How would you compare the two on both an absolute and value basis?

  • Stuart commented on Forty Creek Heart of Gold:

    I have an unopened bottle available if someone is still looking. email whisky@hfour.ca

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