The Macallan Select Oak


THEMACALLAN SINGLEMALTSCOTCH 5010314067090 HERO.jpgThe Macallan's Select Oak expression is exclusive to the travel retail market and is often found in 1L bottles reduced to a strength of 40% ABV. Bearing no age statement, the Select Oak label is light on details except that it forms part of the 1824 Collection and that it's composed  of "an exceptionally wide and unique combination of five cask types, delivering extraordinary smoothness, remarkable sweeness and depth."

Intriguing, will a pentamerous blend of different casks yield a quintupling of flavour or will the result be a muddled mess of Macallan?

Nose: Wafts of sweet boozy caramel and plums underpinned with toasted wood.

Palate: Straight-forward with flavours of dried fruits, heaps of butterscotch and caramel. Even thought it's only 40% ABV, the dram comes off punchier than you'd expect. Sure, it's smooth but it feels almost as if the body has been stripped away, or hollowed out even, leaving a thin mouthfeel with edges of hot, woody, spice.

Finish: Brief with a dry finish that resolves with prunes, and an almost dusty allspice heat.

Overall: The Select Oak is an acceptable choice for mixing in cocktails or slamming down when you arrive at your vacation destination. But, as a memorable exclusive travel retail expression worthy of occupying valuable duty-free real estate in my luggage; I have my doubts. Like many among us, I'm spoiled by The Macallan's of yesteryear and the Select Oak tastes and feels like an overpriced blended whisky or, perhaps a young single malt covered in caramel. Yes, it has the markers of the distillery's flavour profile yet the result is muddled, overly sweet, and shows a lot of alcoholic heat for a dram of this ABV. I received this as a gift and, while I appreciate the sentiment, I wouldn't want it again.Those who know The Macallan line will be disappointed with a weak sauce and those who are new to the dram do themselves a disservice with this edition.


It's shit.

You can send your bottles to me. I love it!

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