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Craigellachie 13 year old

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Built atop a rocky cliff that overlooks the Spey river as it winds past the town of Aberlour, stands Craigellachie distillery. Founded in 1891 by a consortium of whisky merchants led by Peter Mackie, owner of Lagavulin, and whisky titan Alexander Edward, the distillery was designed by the prolific architect Charles Doig. Since that first run of spirit in 1898 most of Craigellachie's (pronounced Krai-GELLaKee) output has been destined for blending. Originally, the spirit went near exclusively into Mackie's iconic "White Horse" blended whisky. These days, it's found a new home as a core component of Dewar's line of blended whiskies.

With only a handful of official single malt bottlings released and a relative scarcity of independent bottlings, Craigellachie has retained a lower profile than most other distilleries in Speyside among consumers. Known for its lightly sulphurous and meaty character, due in part to the use of cast iron worm tubs to condense the spirit, aged single malt expressions of Craigellachie are now more widely available as part of Dewar's Last Great Malts collection.   

Bottled at 46% ABV and non chill-filtered, this 13 year old expression is the first distillery label single malt to be released since the early 2000s.


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