Ron Burgundy "Great Odin's Raven" Special Reserve

RonBurgundy-front.jpegReleased as part of the massive promotional campaign behind the sequel to Will Ferrell's movie "Anchorman", some minds inside in the marketing machine felt it would be a good idea to commission Old St. Andrew's Distillery to assemble a blended Scotch whisky to coincide with the film release. Purporting to be a blend of 60% malt and 40% grain whiskies from Speyside, The Highlands, and Islay it is bottled at 40% ABV. 

Acquired as part of a sample trade, I have decided to offer my thoughts on this whisky so that others may not suffer the fate of labouring through it the way I have. Altogether disappointing, the most interesting thing about this whisky is that it does so in such a surprising number of ways.
Nose: Opening very sweet with heavy toffee notes, this is immediately dashed against the rocks by a rising tide of stink more commonly found in low-grade vodka, no doubt from a very young grain whisky. From this moment on, peppery flashes are punctuated by fusel oils, hints of grape must, and an underlying kick of butyric acid (more commonly known as "baby sick").

Palate: A very soft mouthfeel delivers the illusion of brown sugar sweetness which is quickly overrun by a sour twist accompanied by nondescript woody spices. Things become rather dull for a split second before an acrid tar element arrives. It seems as though a light smoky note was intended, but instead of being a pleasant party guest it turns out to be the sweaty drunken lout who has overstayed their welcome 10 minutes after they've arrived. 

Finish: The butyric acid is back and this time it's brought along its ill tempered friends "gritty dry mouth" and "sour smoke". While the rather unpleasant smoky note rolls around on the floor of the mouth like some hyper-obese flatulent pet, the dominant feature here becomes the cloying tartness of a young, feinty whisky that feels like it was aged in a very aggressive virgin oak cask for 3 years plus a day.

Overall: Not worth buying unless you are desperate for whisky and all other bottles of available spirits are the most low-end mezcal. Actually, I still recommend the mezcal. Generally I try to avoid sharing thoughts on sub par whiskies as I feel that the less we talk about them the sooner they might go away. Sadly, this affront to the senses needs to be shared as a cautionary tale so that it is never purchased by anyone, especially at its current price which ranges from $35 to $40 CAD.

This may just be the worst Scotch whisky I have ever had. 


Wow! Now I feel I have to try it! Before I just figured it would be cheap non-descript bulk Scotch. But it sounds like something actually kind of special (in a bad way)... like Loch Dhu...

The only thing special about this is that it wouldn't be out of place competing in a "Worst Whisky Night" among friends.

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