Ontario launch of Highland Park's Loki

On October 29th, 2013, ScotchBlog members attended a tasting of the newest release of Highland Park's limited release Valhalla collection, Loki. The tasting took place at The Loft, located in Toronto's Distillery District. The 10, 12, 18, and 21 year old expressions were also on offer, along with a delicious spread of fine cheeses, warm finger food, and even desserts dressed up as miniature burgers and hotdogs.

Loki's nose features citrus peel with a strong floral character, candied pear and apple, butter cream icing lightly spiced with cardamom, and ginger. No smoke or peat is detectable.

On the palate, Loki shape-shifts to meaty earthy smoke and damp musty leaves, candied fruit sweetness with white pepper and a hint of citrus. No heat and a medium mouthfeel at 48.7% abv.

Finally, the finish is long with woodsmoke, the dried fruit continues, bitter and dry.

Only 50 bottles are available in Ontario at just short of $300. Our attending members were divided in opinion. Loki is a multifaceted expression better sampled in a quiet space over a long period. Its character will evolve, given time in the glass, and different folks will have different opinions. The very brief tasting made Loki difficult to recommend, especially with regard to its price point.

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