Laphroaig 18 Years Old

LRGOB_18YO.jpgAs the leaves start to turn colour and the days get shorter, I find myself pushing past the sweet stuff on the shelf in favour of something peated.  On this occasion, I'm quite content to warm my soul on this 18 year old prize from Laphroaig.  As always, the bottle sports the distillery's not in the least bit humble tagline, "The most richly flavoured of all Scotch whiskies."  And like the best Laphroaigs, this one has both smoke and fire, clocking in at 48% abv.

Nose:  As inviting as any nose for someone of the peat persuasion, crackling with fumes of salt and ripe citrus fruits.  An undercurrent trails with vanilla, fresh sourdough bread and of course, smoke.

Palate:  The fiery high-proof liquid delivers a jolt before its oily non-chill filtered character develops.  Viscous sweetness evokes thoughts of breakfast syrup slathered on charred wood, later enveloped by Laphroaig's signature deep peat smoke.

Finish:  Impressively long, the oily nature lending to smooth dissipation as it dries.  Chock-full of salt, and on the exhale, the pervasive phenols hold to the last.

Overall:  I'd buy it again if only to look pretty on the shelf next to it's very capable 10 year old kin, but there's also tremendous value to be had here.  Don't get it from the LCBO because it's priced 80% higher ($179.50) than everywhere else in the world.  Kensington Wine stocks it for the Alberta faithful at $101.99 and it's not particularly difficult to find in the US, or travel retail.  


How do people I'm ontario get it from Alberta though? Nice review btw! I have the quarter cask which is my first Laphroaig, and I really enjoy it!

Thanks for reading Connor. Sorry for the delayed response.

People in Ontario have a fairly easy travel option given the access to Michigan where I purchased a bottle of this for $90 (literally 1/2 price for Ontarians), or New York state where I've seen it for around $100 as well. Just make sure you're visiting for 48 hours.

As for Alberta, well... make friends with someone who travels I guess. But we're expecting some eventual relaxation of inter-provincial liquor regulations based on Governor General David Johnston's statement in last month's Throne Speech: "our Government will amend the Importation of Intoxicating Liquors Act to allow Canadians to take beer and spirits across provincial boundaries for their own use."

So hope is at least on the horizon that some day we might be able to buy single bottles from other provinces.

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