Hellyers Road Distillery, Original Single Malt


Hellyers Road is Australia's largest single malt distillery. Their Original expression comes without an age statement at 46.2% and is made entirely of Tasmanian malt. The wine bottle which contains this whisky comes complete with a screw top, and the back label describes "tenacity and vision," notably lacking any mention of the whisky's character.

Nose: Despite clear indications on the label, grain alcohol features prominently on the nose. Too much oak, grassy, a hint of smoke, something reminiscent of sea salt, a touch of black licorice. The nose is unrefined and lacks any significant depth.

Palate: The plum note and mint undertone is a nice but cheap cocoa packed with heat and uncomfortable spice are sure to trigger an involuntary grimace.

Finish: Dry, really hot, minerals and citrus. The finish doesn't write an invitation to another sip.

Overall: The original $100 price tag is preposterous. The bottle was discounted to $75 and we felt strongly disappointed at this price point. I expect many would be unimpressed at $45. My guess would be this whisky was pulled from the cask several years ahead of its time to generate revenue. There was some disagreement within our tasting panel, ranging from "undrinkable" to simply "overpriced and unremarkable." Yet another dimwitted example of the LCBO's consummate ineptitude - not only at curating its whisky catalogue, but also pricing it. If only I had the tenacity and vision to return the last three ounces to the LCBO for a refund...


I've looked at this at the LCBO several times recently, and passed it up each time...even at the clearance sale price it seemed far too steep to justify for a NAS, unheard of whisky. Plus, I found the bottle really off-putting...even the label looks more like a wine label. Glad I didn't make a mistake with this one. That being said, I did grab a bottle of the Bruichladdich 2007 Organic.

Dan, I'm glad we could help you save a couple bucks. I'd actually very much like to try some of Hellyers Road's other expressions expressions (especially the peated). Perhaps the LCBO will grace us with a case.

How is the Organic? I can't remember if I've tried that one... It's on sale for $10 off right now. Thoughts?

Haven't actually opened the Organic (Multi-Vintage) yet as I need to make room for some other things: St. Clynelish's Day is coming up next weekend, so I've got a bottle of Clyenlish 14 burning a hole on my shelf in anticipation...maybe the Organic will be next up after that.

I'm trying to stop myself from opening bottles until I finish up a couple which are almost dead. It's a battle!

The Clynelish 14 is a damn good bottle at a sensible price, though I'll probably get (deep) into a bottle of Jim Beam White on Sunday. Full speed ahead!

As The Critic so famously said, "It stinks!"


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