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It has been over a month since our last guest tasting and reader meet-up, so the time has come to break this streak. On Thursday, March 7th we will be hosting another special evening of whisky and food frivolity, and this time we're going home. 

A week from today, we and our guests will have the privilege of getting to know Canada's premier independent distillery in much greater detail as the one and only John Hall takes us on a deep dive into all that is Forty Creek. Now many of you may be thinking: this is ScotchBlog and that's not Scotch whisky. You're right, and that's the point. Over the past few years this distillery has been one of the leaders of the resurgence of Canadian whisky at home and abroad, so we felt it was only fair that if we were going to see what all the hype was about, that we should share it with as many people as we can. 

So next Thursday 40 people will be treated to 7 whiskies including the raw components that John uses in creating his signature expressions. As always, each whisky will be paired with food selected to accentuate the flavours in the glass and the cost will include the whisky and the food. 

Just what is the cost? Merely $42. 

How do you secure your spot? Well, to your right you'll see how to "Contact Us" to let us know that you want to attend. 

If you end up on the waiting list, don't panic. There are always a few last minute shuffles as life often tends to throw a few plans askew, and for those of you that don't happen to make it, but want to be added to our "advance notice list" for future events, that would also be the way to get on that list. Our advance notice list always receives the first right of refusal for seats prior to these posts, and I promise you: we don't send spam emails. 

On behalf of everyone at ScotchBlog, we look forward to sharing a memorable night of Canadian whisky wonder with you. 

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