Tobermory 10 year old

Established as a brewery on the Isle of Mull in 1798, Tobermory began distilling whisky in 1823 and was closed in 1930 for over 40 years before re-opening in 1972. Operating as Ledaig, the distillery ran for a few years in the 70's before being put into receivership and was finally revived as Tobermory by Burn Stewart Distillers Ltd. in 1991. 

Bottled at 46.3% A.B.V.,  Tobermory 10 year old is made with un-peated malted barley and is unchillfiltered with no caramel added for colouring.

This bottle was purchased for a members' group nosing as the price was attractive and we wanted to sample this expression before its limited quantities in the LCBO run out.
Nose: Fresh grassy and malty aromas sit atop a delicate layer of marzipan, vanilla and honey sweetness. There's a touch of peach here as well, somewhat akin to tinned fruit salad.

Palate: A gentle dram with a slightly salty and oily texture that coats the palate. Soft malty sweetness like spicy gingerbread mingles with flavours of clover honey and a certain almond-like nuttiness. Tucked in right behind the gingerbread is a wonderful hit of fresh cut peach and bitter orange peel.  

Finish: The gingerbread gives way to a drying, spicy almost waxy finish. Delicious flavours of ginger, almonds, bitter chocolate orange and a pinch of salt brings the experience to a satisfying close.

Overall: I love the subtle complexity within this whisky. Given some air and a quiet space, this is a beautiful expression that continues to enchant over the course of the glass. Tobermory 10 year old is incredibly smooth and would perhaps be best served as an aperitif or at the start of a session due to the delicate layers of flavour. Recommended for both connoisseurs and novices alike. Listed as a limited release and priced at $63.85 in the LCBO  there's a good chance this one will be gone before too long...don't miss out.


We purchased a bottle of Tombermory and Ledaig simultaneously. When you take them out of their identical boxes, they look identical. We thought a mistake had been made at the store? We were perplexed, truly. Then we opened both bottles and poured drams. WELL, then the difference was quite obvious. Tobermory is well described above as Ryan indicated. Ledaig - PEATED. Both delicious drams, wonderful alternative scotches to have in one's collection. On a cold damp night the Ledaig is sublime. If you prefer unpeated, the Tobermory will do. The price is great for the value. Tobermory also makes a 15 year old that is a bit more expensive but even tastier.


Thanks for the heads up on a very nice whisky. Found it at my local Total Wine outlet in Arizona for a steal at $33.99, plus the governor's cut.

On first reading of your review, I feared this might be a bit on the thin side, but I was pleasantly surprised to discover that light and complex is anything but weak. Good stuff all around.

BTW, I took your advice on an earlier post concerning the Pig's Nose blend and was not disappointed. Appreciate your spot on reviews.

Thanks for the support!

What a steal indeed at that price.


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