Glenfarclas 21 year old

glenfarclas21.jpgGlenfarclas Distillery was established in 1836 and is one of the few remaining independent, family-owned, distilleries currently operating in Scotland. Situated in the heart of Speyside at the foot of the Ben Rinnes mountain, Glenfarclas - which means "Glen of the green grassland" in Gaelic - has been owned by J & G Grant for 6 generations. In that time they have perfected their house style which  is best summed up as a heavily sherry influenced single malt whisky. 
They attribute the unique flavour of their whisky to some of their traditional production methods such as using direct-fired copper pot stills in distillation and maturing their whisky in hand-selected ex-Oloroso and Fino sherry butts in dunnage-style warehouses. These warehouses are made of thick, stone walls, with earthen floors that restricts temperature fluctuations within 6 degrees Celsius. This is an important factor in achieving consistency in the maturation process as the casks are only stacked 3 high compared to a modern racked warehouse which can have casks stacked up to 12 high thereby producing a greater variation in temperature from the top to the bottom of the stack.

Nose: Straight away, sugary aromas of rock candy, bubblegum, and sherried fruits vault from the glass. Behind the heady sweetness is a tinge of malt accompanied by beeswax, almonds and vanilla.
Palate: Medium bodied, and a touch waxy, with flavours of butterscotch and candied cherries peppered with spicy notes of ginger and nutmeg. 

Finish: Long and spicy. A light smokey note develops in the tannic finish characterized by mouth-coating flavours of dark chocolate. 

Overall: You're going to want to let this one open up for a while in the glass to let all those sweet fruity aromas settle a bit. Layered and expressive fruity aromas continue to play hide and seek over the course of the dram as delicious aromas of red berries, apples, and raisins float up to the waxy surface, burst, and are replaced by another. In fact, the game continues even in an empty glass an hour later! The sherry influence in this dram is polished, elegant and delicious, never overpowering. Well-balanced and sweet with a lovely tannic finish, Glenfarclas 21 year old is bottled at 43% ABV and is a perfect example of the house style. Highly recommended for those whisky lovers who are fond of Speyside-style sherried single malts and it's reasonably priced in the LCBO for $121.95.

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