Mackmyra Swedish Single Malt - The 1st Edition


Mackmyra 1st Edition Swedish single malt was a bit of an epiphany purchase for me at the LCBO. Having recently returned from the whisky trail in Scotland I was on the hunt for an inexpensive yet interesting bottle (the gold standard for the frugal whisky enthusiast). Mackmyra's bright contemporary packaging suggests a young whisky and its Swedish origin held the promise of something a little bit different. This expression is aged in 100 litre casks, which accelerates the aging process, and weighs in at 46.1% unchillfiltered. There is no age statement.

Nose: Bright citrus and floral notes right off the hop with cinnamon, leather, and dried fruit. A wee bit alcoholic, though enjoyably so. Quite fresh and summery (perhaps it's the packaging's bright orange theme) and just a hint of salt. With time the bottle opens up to gentle endearing sweetness. Very subtle black licorice. Delightful nose. What a treat.

Palate: A robust, velvety, and warm mouthfeel with subtle flavours of dried fruit and leather.

Finish: The leather note continues with cocoa, mild black licorice and lingering enjoyable warmth.

Overall: Gentle warmth on the palate and finish for the colder months and a light and fruity nose for the warmer months, the 1st Edition is a whisky for all seasons. Price is $66.95 at the LCBO. I must say I have a bit of a soft spot for new distilleries. The plight of a young producer is rife with significant capital requirements, a steep learning curve, and the monumental challenge of squeezing yourself in to a crowded market dominated by juggernaut incumbents. It behooves serious whisky enthusiasts to support these newcomers in the hope that we'll see unique and interesting expressions down the line. Mackmyra's 1st Edition bottling suggests a bright future for the distillery.

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