With fall weather, comes fall whisky

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As the weather grows cooler and we move towards the middle of the fall season, the LCBO is well under way with their seasonal "Whisky Rocks" campaign. Their shelves are filled with seasonal and limited-time offerings. A plethora of new Canadian whisky, American bourbon, and Scotch whisky products are now available. We recommend you head down to your nearest store, or even take a trip to one of the LCBO's feature locations, to peruse what will surely be an awe-inspiring catalogue of whisky.

To help us enjoy this wonderful season, our friends over at Gibson's Finest Canadian Whisky have provided ScotchBlog with some excellent local harvest fare, some recommended food pairings, and a wonderful cocktail recipe. After all, while we do love our whisky neat, there is something to be said about the warming effects of a delicious cocktail, especially when it's meant to be served hot!
Gibson's Finest Canadian Whisky is actually a combination of three different types of whisky - a base corn whisky and flavouring whiskies. The base of Gibson's Finest is corn-based and column-distilled with the goal of retaining subtle grain characters. The "flavouring whiskies" are produced from rye and malted barley by distillation from a single column and single pot still respectively. Gibson's Finest 12 Year Old expression is the one we'd recommend using for this hot toddy recipe:

The Canadian Mint
The Canadian Mint
After coming in from the cold, or as a night cap after a fine evening with friends and family, this hot toddy with a Canadian twist will certainly be welcome.

  • 10 loose leaves of mint
  • 1/2 oz (15 ml) simple syrup
  • 1.5 oz (45 ml) Gibson's Finest Canadian Whisky (12 Year Old)
  • 3 oz (90 ml) hot water
  • Place mint in mug (or heat proof glass)
  • Add simple syrup and muddle gently
  • Add Gibson's Finest Canadian Whisky
  • Top with boiling water
  • Stir and serve with a large mint sprig

Gibson's has recommended several food pairings that would go well with their whisky. While we haven't tried their suggestions (yet!), the meal choices in and of themselves sound fantastic. Here's a selection of our favourite ideas:

  • East Coast Oysters
    An old wives' tale warns against whisky and raw oysters - the time has come for that myth to be debunked! A shot of Gibson's with a platter of Colville Bays or Caraquets is like eating buttered toast with the briny, buttery-sweet bivalves. Or try poaching a few in a whisky cream sauce for an impressive autumn starter.
  • Crown Roasted Pork with Apricot and Wild Rice stuffing
    The first expression of Gibson's Finest before it even hits your tongue is the aroma of fresh apricots and almonds making it a perfect compliment to this special occasion dish. Gibson's finest brings out the nuttiness and fruity elements of the wild rice and apricot stuffing and adds an exclamation point to this show-stopping dish.
  • Curried butternut squash soup
    Think fruit chutney's with spicy curry, a match made in heaven. The autumn's sweet and earthy squash harvest spiced with far eastern flavour is a winning combination with the sweet apricot and spice notes in Gibson's Finest.
  • Sweet Potato Fries with Curried Aioli
    Frying sweet potatoes to a crunchy goodness has become a national obsession, pair it with a spiced dip to give them a jolt of flavour, a glass of Gibson's finest will make it seem a match made in heaven.
Whether you're a fan of Canadian, American or Scotch whiskies, don't miss up this fantastic opportunity to stock your shelves, after all - winter is coming.

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