Eagle Rare Single Barrel 10 yr old

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I received this bottle of Eagle Rare as a gift for helping a fellow ScotchBlogger move into his new apartment and I think I got the better end of the deal. Distilled by Buffalo Trace and bottled at 45% ABV, this Single Barrel Bourbon is approachable with good balance and layered with flavour. Enjoy it neat when you'd like a belt of the good stuff or with a drop of water for a more contemplative experience.
eagle-rare-10-year-old-whiskey.jpgNose: Refined yet powerful with aromas of honey and beeswax, toffee, sweet vanilla icing, and buttery oak. 

Palate: Sweet and a touch oily, there's a lot to chew on here! What a difference from the nose... At first, candied fruit quickly followed by cherry and raisins accompanied by cinammon, caramel, and a hint of maple sweetness. 

Finish: Long, chewy and evolving with restrained spiciness and a surprising hit of sweet red licorice underpinned by a slight medicinal edge reminiscent of red cough syrup? A great lingering and oily mouthfeel that seems to just go on and on... 

Overall: I would be delighted to receive this one as a gift again. Rich with an amazingly long finish, this bottle of Eagle Rare is well-structured and distinctive. I'm disappointed that there's no barrel number, bottling date, or any other distinguishing mark on the label to help me track down other bottles from the same batch. A small quibble, perhaps, but at the moment there's no way of reliably comparing one barrel against another in future releases as none of the bottles of the 10 year old I've seen are labelled with unique identification. Single Barrel Bourbons are, by their nature, rare and brief in their time on Earth, so I would recommend picking up this one as an introduction to the style. 


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