Jura Prophecy - Limited Annual Release Year 1

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Jura_Prophecy.jpgThe Isle of Jura distillery, while according to the Scotch Whisky Association are officially part of the Highlands, have in recent years begun producing expressions more closely related to their Islay cousins. The Jura Prophecy strengthens that relationship even further with their most recent product, which is more heavily peated than its forebears. This is the first of an annual release under the "Prophecy" title, and with this first annual release now gone from LCBO shelves, we'll be eagerly awaiting next year's expression.

Nose: Cinnamon, licorice and campfire smoke. While I hate to make comparisons to other distilleries, this is reminiscent of a Talisker. A touch of seaweed and iodine wrapped up in melted butter over toast.

Palate: This whisky is profoundly peated by most standards (except perhaps that of Islay). If one were to describe the Jura Superstition as taking a stroll through a brightly lit woodland with a fresh breeze in the air, the Prophecy would be a hike through a dark old growth forest, thick with underbrush. A delightfully balanced mix of peat, tar, iodine and seaweed form the basis of the flavours, with a buttery background that shines through like finding a clearing in the forest. Perhaps best enjoyed with a splash of water as not only does this dull the noticeable 46% ABV, but also provides a touch more balance to this very rich whisky.

Finish: The alcohol disperses quite quickly, leaving you with incredibly long lingering peat smoke and a touch of licorice. If you like the smokey finishes of Laphroig and Talisker, this is one of the most endearing aspects of this scotch.

Overall: One of Jura's most heavily peated whiskies to date, this is a great balance of the traditionally buttery flavours of Jura, with the strong peated flavours traditionally associated with Islay. While it's interesting that there is no age statement, one gets the feeling that some significantly well aged casks went into this release.

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If anyone finds or has this in the Greater Toronto Area, let's talk trade.

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