The Macallan - Whisky Maker's Edition

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MacallanWMEditionBOT_BOXWH.jpgInitially, this bottle was received as a gift with much excitement, but that excitement faded as I tucked into it. Produced for the duty free market, and priced at roughly $100 USD, it proved enjoyable yet lacking. Why? Well, do read on.

Nose: Malty with hints of raisin and memories of toffee, it wafts from the glass with a faintly sweet, lightly sherried nose. 

Palate: Initially it is quite nice, but each return visit reveals it to be uncharacteristically woody for its pedigree. Add to this the fact that it is a hot muddled mix of faint sherry, cocoa, and a tart sour note, and I am left grateful for the fact that I did not purchase this one myself. 
Finish: Lingering heat coupled with a long run of oak leaves much to be desired. While there are faint notes of dark chocolate they are overrun by a distinctly sour tone. 

Overall: Ultimately uninspired and muddy, the dollars devoted to this bottle are best allocated to other whiskies in Macallan's fine catalogue. Compared to either the 12 year old or cask strength expressions, this one sadly comes away as a poor approximation of the brand.

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Sadly, Macallan is only a shadow of what it once was. It's running on it's name only, which is diminishing rapidly in afficianado circles. Sad really, for this once outstanding distillery.

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