Auchentoshan Three Wood

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AUC3wood.jpgThis Auchentoshan is our second sample courtesy of Saverio Schiralli Agencies Limited which is available at the LCBO for $71.95. It's a Lowland malt that is matured in three different casks (Bourbon, Oloroso and Ximenez) that are later married.

On the nose we detected (aside from the obvious sherry) a rich blend of butterscotch sweetness, spice, fennel and nuts. With the palate, it's tough to get beyond the sherry, even with a drop of water it's a very warm dram. In fact, it seems just when on the cusp of deeper insight into the sweetness of the malt, the heat and sherry sweep it out on the next sip. The finish carries over more of the same with leather and dry fruit notes, eventually turning mildly sour.

It's clear that the Oloroso and Ximenez casks have had their effect here. This foray into the sherry matured realm is brave and likeable, though it comes short of the high water mark of other well established sherried whiskies. There were conflicting views on the value statement, but to add some perspective, see if you can find a (even partially) sherry matured single malt at a lower price. I only came up with one...

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Singleton of Glendullan 12yr at almost half the price!

Nice, Aberlour was the one I found - it's about $53.

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