Bowmore Tempest 10 Year Old Single Malt

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This sample of Islay single malt was provided courtesy of Saverio Schiralli Agencies Limited. Bowmore Tempest 10 Year Old is the second in a series of small-batch releases from Bowmore Distilleries of Islay, Scotland. Only after putting a good dent in the bottle did our panel realize this was cask strength. Surely, this speaks volumes of its character.

Nose: Starting with a gentle hint of sweetness, peaty salt is prominent which bleeds into pencil eraser upon a deeper whiff. Dried candied fruit is somewhere at the bottom of the glass along with black licorice. Wonderfully complex and not at all muddled. Nearly, and surprisingly, void of alcoholic vapours.

Palate: Wow - big bold flavour! Honey sweetness with earthy peat and smoke. After the initial punch, it turns tart, if not simply sour. Rather warm from its young age but this is not a detractor. Fairly viscous for a great savory mouthfeel.

Finish: Finishes next Thursday. Enveloping warmth with sinus-clearing vapours - perfect for Canadian February. Heavy smoke persists, sour spice of lemon pepper with hints of ... is it quince fruit?

Overall: Best Islay, outside of the stalwarts, we've had in a long while. Bold with all facets of flavour and feel well developed. Not a whisky to be had in great quantities, but one or two drams at a time is more than enough. A drop of water brings out the malt's sweetness while easing off the heat.

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Simply put: Buy this whisky!

I still can't believe how smooth it is for a cask strength.


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