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BotB - Round 1, Part 4

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In the final matchups of Round One, Grant's Ale Cask takes on Cutty Sark and two Grouses battle for supremacy.

Drinks by the Dram

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master_of_malt_dbd.jpgThe good people at Master of Malt recently sent us drams of their Arran 12 Year Old Single Cask and the Glenfarclas 25. It didn't take much convincing to lasso Robin into nosing the liquids with me. The first thing we noted is that at 30ml, these quaint little bottles are clearly not intended for sharing - or even pouring less than its entire contents.

The Balvenie Single Barrel 15yr

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I was first introduced to the Balvenie Single Barrel 15yr at a tasting event a couple of years ago and wasn't overly impressed with it. However on a recent trip to North Carolina, I stumbled upon it again and decided to grab one for a more in-depth tasting experience. 

 Wemyss Malts' 8 Year Old (known affectionately as the Spice King) is one the results of the LBCO's recent forays into providing new blended malt whiskies that aren't typically available in Ontario. Wemyss Malts is named after Wemyss Castle, which is home to David, 3rd Earl of Wemyss (whose signature appears on the bottle).


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  • Ryan commented on Wemyss Malts - 8 Year Old "Spice King":

    Mortlach is a polarizing single malt scotch. I've found people either love it or hate it! Have you tried any other Mortlach expressions? If so, how do you think it compares?

  • Ryan commented on Ezra Brooks 7 Year Old:

    Thanks for the comment Dan, please come back when you've opened it. Interested to hear how you think it compares. I'm saving a dram or 2 to compare with the new version...when it eventually surfaces here in Ontario!

  • ruou macallan commented on Wemyss Malts - 8 Year Old "Spice King":

    Taste is different for me sometimes. I read one review about nail polish and got that and it was strange. But also sometimes I get a lot of bananas which I like but not really what im looking for. Other times I taste caramel and charcoal. Its a love or hate it whisky and it changes for me. The middle is the best part, start and finish is boring. Isn't complex. Its unique in a way that its not like most bourbons or ryes but in this case its not a + thing. I like it most times but theres a lot more others that I would choose over this when im at the store buying a cheap bottle

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