Scapa 14yr

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Nose: Green apple, clover honeyed and heather, with hints of oaky vanilla.

Palate: Strong cereal with a heavy oatmeal presence and green apple giving way to a plum-like sweetness reminiscent of brandy.
Finish: Medium-bodied with malty notes and a long cocoa finish with roasted coffee popping up late.

Overall: We at the SB were delightfully pleased with the exceptional value offered by this bottle at $57 CDN. Sweet, floral, and malty; this 14yr old whisky is smooth and wonderfully balanced from start to finish. While some may decry the lack of weight and smokiness (of say, neighbouring Highland Park) there is enough complexity in the palate to keep most whisky-drinkers coming back for another round.

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This was definitely high value. You simply cannot find a 14 year old scotch at this price. Very good.

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